15 Reasons to Date a Librarian


Shh! Even though do not ask loudly does not mean you shouldn’t invite that pretty librarian out for a drink.

Listed here are 15 reasons why you should date a librarian:

1. Librarians tend to be literate. This will be probably incorrect for everyone you have dated. (If you have a fear of books, never also bother.)

2. Librarians tend to be well-educated. Most of them have master’s degrees.

3. They can be excited about discovering and producing information handy for everyone. They can be sponges for brand new details and want to share it.

4. Librarians are excellent Scrabble adversaries. («fantastic» ways «undefeated.»)

5. Librarians are organized, analytical and budget-conscious.

6. Some librarians are actually great with children, engaging all of them during the summer and after-school reading programs.

7. Librarians make a, regular lifestyle. They’re not rich, but most of them aren’t scraping by either. Bonus: They usually have constant, predictable hours being very easy to approach dates around.

8. Librarians are performing the things they love. The majority of librarians you shouldn’t unintentionally fall into their unique jobs. It can be a lengthy trip to finding full-time collection work.

9. Some people have actually a «thing» for librarian types. If that is you, time one.

10. After acquiring hit on by embarrassing library patrons, your own cheerful face at the end of the afternoon are going to be very pleasant.

11. Not only are you able to see your own companion where you work, it is likely you should. Renew that card!

12. Librarians value punctuality. (or else, its $0.25 a day.)

13. Peculiar characters with even stranger requests constant libraries. Might hear lots of great tales.

14. Just because the work environment is a relaxed, silent one, doesn’t mean your date don’t value a fun evening out for dinner or can’t keep his or her own in lively conversation. Ignore stereotypes. They do not really implement any longer.

15. Bedtime tales.

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